Adhyātmaprakāsha Kāryālaya
एतज्ज्ञेयं नित्यमेवात्मसंस्थम् | नातः परं वेदितव्यं हि किञ्चित् ||
Adhyatma Vidyanilaya
The Adhyatma Vidyanilaya, with a five year course to train Vedantic Missionaries was started by Swamiji in 1937. He trained few students but paucity of dedicated seekers forced its stoppage. However, Sri Chandramouli Avadhani of mattur trained in the Vedantic lore of Swamiji came with a batch of ten students to Holenarasipura in February 2003 to revive this institution. Training in Sanskrit, Veda-Vedanta and Shankara Bhashya is imparted systematically.